Article published : Monday, September 9th, 2019 (3:58 pm)
TruNews Headlines – September 9, 2019 Bomb scare in Baltimore prompts police evacuation order; Israel preparing for major wars in Gaza and Lebanon; UN human rights watchdog says IDF killing Palestinians ”willfully” at Gaza security border; IAEA confirms Iran started up enrichment centrifuges; Iran’s ’secret atomic warehouse’ confirmed by IAEA; Trump calls off peace talks with Taliban; Saudi Arabia shakes down its billionaires again; UK Parliament suspended ahead of Brexit Day; Beijing sends warning to Washington and protesters over Hong Kong violence; Jeffrey Epstein was invited to Princess Beatrice’s 18th birthday party; Trump 2020 campaign manager says First Family will become ’poltical dynasty’; OANN sues Rachel Maddow, MSNBC, NBC Universal, Comcast; Mattel makes a ’Day of the Dead’ Barbie doll; doctor says leprosy will be next ’Middle Ages disease’ to make comeback in L.A.; archeologists discover ’iPhone’ belt buckle. Kerry Kinsey, Doc Burkhart. Airdate: September 9, 2019.