Article published : Sunday, August 11th, 2019 (1:14 pm)
Her children do not remember Syria... Her children do not remember Syria. Media and her husband live with their children in Akre refugee camp in Iraq. All three of them are under 10 and don’t remember their home country and only know of their life in Akre. In 2019, some 258 Syrian families lived in this camp. The residents are originally from Hassakeh and Derik in Syria. Along with our partners, we provide cash assistance for food for those considered vulnerable. Healthcare, access to schools, and winter materials are also provided to the residents. We also provide recreational activities and remedial classes for children. Our partner ACTED oversees child protection services. There are over 270,000 Syrian refugees in Iraq, most living in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Photo: UNHCR/Firas al-Khateeb #Syria #Iraq #home #family #children #mother #camp #refugees #WithRefugees