Article published : 14 Mar 2019 at 07 h 33 min
Abulhay is picking up flowers for his mother. As old as the Syrian conflict, 8 year old Abdulhay lives in an informal settlement in northern Lebanon with his family. ”We used to go out with my father. We used to be happy,” says Abdulhay as he gathers the flowers for his mother. He remembers his father who used to do this with him. He was killed by a sniper searching for food in 2014. Fleeing war and hunger, his mother, Rana, managed to get Abdulhay and his malnourished siblings out of the enclave near Damascus where tens of thousands were trapped for years. Along with 28 other families living in tents and shelters, Abdulhay and his family dream of returning to Syria, but fear what might await them back home. Click the link in our bio to support Syrian families like Abdulhay’s. Photo: © UNHCR/ @andrewmcconnellphoto #Syria #war #hunger #conflict #children #families #WithRefugees #syriaconf2018 #syrianrefugees #syrianchildren
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