Article published : 14 Mar 2019 at 08 h 56 min
Did you know Einstein was a Poet? We’re celebrating Einstein’s 140th birthday today, but instead of blowing out the candles, we are blowing away some of the dust in our archives. Not long ago we discovered a lyrical side to one of the greatest mathematicians the world has ever seen. We’re digitizing our archives of the IIIC, the International Institute of Intellectual Cooperation, and while unpacking a box, out floated this gem from amongst a bunch of papers. Why he wrote it? Einstein was a founding member of the IIIC and the poem was to thank his fellow committee members for the ’big deal’ they made about his 50th birthday, but..... why did he call them ”spongers”?? Well, some defy a scientific explanation! If you don’t speak German, here is a translation:....”Everyone shows their best face today, And from near and far have sweetly written, Showering me with all things one could wish for That still matter to an old man. Everyone approaches with nice voices In order to make a better day of it, End even the innumerable spongers have paid their tribute. And so I feel lifted up like a noble eagle. Now the day nears its close and I send you my compliments. Everything that you did was good, and the sun smiles.”.. #AlbertEinstein #UNESCO #Anniversary #UNESCOarchives #Poetry #Poem #Archives Warning: Some media files might not be shown to you. Consider using the ATOM format instead!
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