Article published : Monday, May 3rd, 2021 9:00 am
The Covid fines paint a bleak picture of pandemic policing that's going to get worse Micha Frazer-Carroll As anti-racists warned, fines in England for breaking lockdown rules were given out disproportionately to BAME peopleWhen the government handed the police powers to detain and fine people under emergency coronavirus regulations last year, anti-racists warned that some communities would be disproportionately affected. I was among them – as were a cluster of grassroots groups, which wrote, on the day the Coronavirus Act was introduced to parliament: "We believe increased police and immigration officer powers will only be used to target those already targeted by law."Unfortunately, our predictions have been proved right, with parliament's joint committee on human rights concluding last week that every single Covid fine issued under the law in England should be reviewed amid concerns they were "discriminatory and unfair". Continue reading...
Author : Micha Frazer-Carroll