Article published : Tuesday, September 15th, 2020 8:35 am
Trump and Biden clash on climate as Hurricane Sally and wildfires rage – US politics live Biden calls Trump a 'climate arsonist' as president denies science on wildfire tourWest coast wildfires continue to destroy property, kill and damage air qualityTropical Storm Sally is forecast to hit the Louisiana and Mississippi coastline447 new coronavirus deaths and 36,836 new Covid-19 casesIsrael, UAE and Bahrain to sign peace accords at White House at noonIce detainees faced medical neglect and hysterectomies, whistleblower allegesSign up for our First Thing newsletter 1.35pm BST Caitlin Oprysko is trying to cheer us up a little this morning over at Politico with her report on new polling which suggests that "more than 7 in 10 Americans believe they have more in common with one another than many people think", and that there is a greater degree of "bipartisan consensus among the American public on the rights and values key to the country's national identity" than is generally given credit.The survey was conducted for Harvard University's Carr Center for Human Rights and Institute of Politics and found:Several of the rights and freedoms that an overwhelming bipartisan majority viewed as essential to being an American go far beyond those provided directly by the Constitution, like freedom of speech and religion.The right to clean air and water, for example, was considered important by 93 percent of those surveyed; protection of personal data, by 93 percent; the right to a quality education, by 92 percent; racial equality, by 92 percent; affordable health care, by 89 percent; and the right to a job, by 85 percent. 1.29pm BST While he was the UK's ambassador to the US in Washington in 2019, Kim Darroch's private comments about president Donald Trump were published by a British newspaper. They weren't terribly favourable, and ultimately he ended up leaving the role. He will not have endeared himself to the administration any more with some comments he's made now about the prospect of violence during the November election."Postal voting is clearly going to play a big part in this election, and it feels to me like the Trump campaign are building this up, especially if it's close, to declare it rigged or invalid," the former ambassador, now Lord Darroch of Kew, said."If Biden wins, there is a question whether the Trump base will really support or accept that as the outcome. Equally, if it looks like postal votes have been under counted or there is serious voter suppression you worry about the other side of the argument," he added. "It feels very volatile." Related: 'The US feels very volatile': former ambassador warns of election violence Continue reading...
Author : Martin Belam