Article published : Tuesday, September 15th, 2020 6:00 am
The Jane Club wants to be a 'matriarchal oasis' and it just might succeed The concept of the safe space is not new, and they've seen many iterations in the last 50+ years. But this decade in particular has seen a rise in the prestige space for women and moms — pitched as both sanctuary and sorority, with sometimes steep membership fees but myriad perks and motivators. They seem to promise connection with open, like-minded people on topics from the workplace to breastfeeding to COVID-19-related isolation; a way to bond over shared struggles without having to censor or filter themselves. Unfortunately, by ignoring intersectionality and diversity in particular, these groups can also become highly exclusionary, ultimately reifying codes of white supremacy. Read more...More about Social Good, Social Good, Work Life, and Activism
Author : Alex Hazlett